RFP Results

Apparent Low Bidder:

Doodle Construction - Chase Manning - cmanning@dowdleconstruction.com - 615-251-1311

RFP Information

Due date:


Submittal location:

Pre-RFP meeting date:

April 2, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Pre-RFP location:

East High School map it

This bid is open to all interested qualified Contractors.  A plan holder list is available at Lellyett and Rogers.

4/9/2015 Update:

Addendum #3 will be available soon which includes moving the bid date to 4/17/15 at 2:00pm

The HG Hill site visit was conducted and KCS Construction was in attendance.

4/6/2015 Update:

The HG Hill School will be available for tour to any interested bidder on April 7th, 2015 at 4:20pm.

4/2/2015 Update:

The optional pre-bid meeting was held today at East and the following GC's attended:

Dwodle Construction Group

Edwards Contruction LLC

Romach, inc.

KCS Construction LLC

Kerry G Campbell, inc.

3/30/2015 Update:

This project is back out to bid.  Click here for Invitation to Bid.

3/26/2015 Update:

Bid Cancellation Notice

It has come to our attention that there will be less than three bidders participating in the bid of those
who attended the mandatory pre-bid conference on the East Band Room Renovation project. So, at this
time, we are withdrawing the current bid on the project. The project will be put back out for bid with a
new bid date of April 14th at 2:00pm.
If you have any questions, please contact the Facility Planning and Construction Office at 615-259-8530.

3/23/2015 Update:

The mandantory pre-bid meeting was held on site and three General Contractors attended.  The three attending, and hence bidding elidgible contractors are as follows:

KCS Construction, LLC

Orion Building Corporation

RG Anderson Company

RFP Documents

Invitation to Bid

Construction Documents may be ordered at http://mnps.lraec.com. For questions about ordering documents, call Lellyett and Rogers at 615-250-9145. Call prior to picking up documents to ensure availability.