RFP Results

Apparent Low Bidder:

Item to Award:

Bomar Construction Co., Inc. for Small Job Orders

Orion Building Corporation and Carter Group, LLC for Large Job Orders

RFP Information

Due date:


Submittal location:

Pre-RFP meeting date:

September 3, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Pre-RFP location:

2601 Bransford Ave map it

Response Ranking:

Small Job Order

Name                                                    Rank

Bomar Construction Co., Inc.              95.00

Dowdle Construction Group, LLC       84.96


Large Job Order

Name                                                   Rank

Orion Building Corporation                99.49

Carter Group, LLC                               88.82

Kerry G. Campbell, Inc.                       86.19

SouthLand Constructors, Inc.             85.55


Additional Information:

Addendum #1 Dated 9/9/2015

Response Documents:  

Modified IDIQ RFQ-P Attachment 6.2-6.3 – dated 9/9/2015

Modified IDIQ RFQ-P Cost Attachment 6.6 – 2 Tabs dated 9/9/2015

DBE Form 1

DBE Form 2

DBE Form 3

Pre-proposal Attendance Sheet

RFP Documents

IDIQ selection RFP/Q

IDIQ RFQ/P Attachment 6.1 Master Contract

IDIQ Master Contract Attachment A

IDIQ Master Contract Attachment B1

IDIQ Master Contract Attachment B2

IDIQ RFQ/P Attachment 6.2-6.3 Response Documents

IDIQ RFQ/P Attachment 6.4

IDIQ RFQ/P Attachment 6.5

IDIQ RFQ-P Cost Attachment 6.6 – 2 Tabs