Hillwood High School

Planning has begun for the renovation of Hillwood High School.  Options are being considered for both building a brand new high school or renovating the building and adding to it to modernize and expand the space to meet the current school attendance and academic needs as well as planning for future growth.

Hillwood High School

Project details

(upon funding) Karl F. Dean (current) David Briley
District District 23 - Mina Johnson email
School board
District District 9 - Amy Frogge email
400 Davidson Road map it
Total project square footage
Allocated funding
Hastings Architecture Associates
Messer Construction
Anticipated completion date

Public Notice Information

  1. The Board of Education voted in the Capital Improvement Committee Meeting on Jan. 24th to request funding for the purcahse of land at Hope Park Church in Bellevue in order to relocate Hillwood High School to the site.

  2. Student Assignment Data is available for download. Click Here.

  3. Diversity Study for Hillwood High School is available for download. Click Here.

  4. Traffic Study for the potential Hope Park Church site is available for download. Click Here.

  5. Slides of the recent community presentations on the Hillwood High School siting options are available Here.